Route 1 Irving

General Contractor
Consultants: Martin Patriquin Architects, JM Giffin
Location: Rothesay, NB
Completion: June 2018

The work involved constructing an addition in the rear of the building to house the new walk-in refrigerator, kitchen storage and laundry facilities. Within the existing kitchen AGCM coordinated the rough-in and finish work involved for new kitchen equipment – gas, electrical, HVAC and plumbing as well as coordinated the new kitchen equipment installation. New flooring, wall finishes and washroom facilities for staff were included within the scope of work. The work was completed as per Architectural and Structural design intents and completed around the busy operations of the Irving Big Stop which remained open and in operation during the entire project. They also got us to build a dog park for their customer’s best friends to enjoy. AGCM worked as General Contractors on this project.