Market Square Escalator

General Contractor
Location: Saint John
Completion: April 2018

AGCM was hired as a General Contractor to coordinate the removal and installation of 2 escalators at Market Square, and HGL property. The work consisted of providing a solid hoarding with screening to be constructed around the designated work area, provide a beam directly over the escalator upper end support and a beam directly over the escalator lower end support capable of supporting the unit while hoisting into the wellway using chainfalls, removal and re-installation of service counters, drywall around escalators, all light fixtures, all plumbing/sprinkler heads and lines around the work area. Install new fireproofing around the new escalators, floor tiles and new electrical service to escalators.AGCM was hired to oversee the complete removal and installation of escalators in Market Square. This work was completed during operating hours, and AGCM maintained a safe environment both the staff of Market Square and the public.